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winter view on Trogir area

The weather in Dalmatia is a very important factor when you are decising when to travel to Trogir. In our opinion, the best period to arrive is from May to September. Trogir area becomes very busy and crowded during July and August, while May, June and September are also great for people who don’t like crowded beaches and would like more peaceful vacation. Also, in these months off-season rates apply.

January, February, March

Well, this is not exactly the right time for swimming. However, if you like sighseeing, monuments and ligh winters without snow this may work out for you. Hiking is also possible in these months, as well as mountain biking and simmilar activities.


Only the brave ones will swim in April, but sunbathing can be refreshing after the cold winter days. The weather becomes more stable, less rain and wind. April usually features many lovely and sunny days!

trogir in june

May, June

This is a delightful month to visit Croatia. It is usually warm enough to swim from one of Trogir’s beaches and numerous tourists haven’t yet arrived. Plus, you get great deals on accommodation.

July, August

The tourist season is in the peak now! Mostly all of the accommodation units are occupied, there are many excursions and fish-picnic boats leaving the city every day. Most of the cultural and entertainment events are happening in this period (concerts, performances, exibitions…) The city is busy, as well as all of the beaches.


The numerous tourists are going back home, leaving the area very quiet comparing to the busy two months before. The weather and sea are still warm and accommodation prices are dropping down. A great opportunity to have a relaxing day at the beach!


The weather is turning cooler but it’s often still possible to swim and sunbathe. This period is great if you like hiking and simmilar activities. It is still warm, but not hot.

November, December

Well, this is also not the right time for swimming, but if you don’t like snow and extreme cold you could spend a nice weekend by the sea.

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